The King Of Tiramonde

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning The Fruit Of The Dendragon Tree! The very beginning of The King Of Tiramonde opens with Jenny Blackwood's terrible crime, necessitating her escape from our world...

The Indigo Disciple

A non-fiction examination of the power of meditation to reduce stress, change brainwave patterns, and initiate DNA repair. Science seems to be finally catching up to what mystics of every religion have been saying for centuries: Breathe!

Sacred and Profane

The song Find Your Life, recently released through Indie distributor CD Baby, is the first in a collection of songs to be published as an EP in 2017. Featuring some amazing Nashville-area musicians (some famous, some not), the EP will have songs both for the spirit, and for when the spirit moves you to get a little down'n dirty!


More About Tiramonde

More info coming soon!

Making Music in Nashville

This is something I never thought I'd do, but the whole thing has been so much fun! More info coming soon!


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