From The Fruit Of The Dendragon Tree to Dirt Rich, whether you read to be entertained or informed, if you are anything like me a great book has to have a great story...

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Shorter Works

For when a great story doesn't need a whole book for its telling...

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When words meet music, magical things can happen. Living in Nashville helps. Knowing some ridiculously talented musicians doesn't hurt either...

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The Power Of Words

Whoever said "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me," clearly didn't have any sense of their innate power.

Words can hurt. A lot. But they can also heal. They can make us laugh, make us cry, enrage us, or inspire us to become a better version of ourselves.

As a writer, I know if I manage to all those things within one story, I'm writing a good one. As a reader, I'm always looking for stories like that.

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It's You, Not Me

I don't like author's websites that only talk about that author's work. Whatever happened to two people asking: "Read any good books lately?" Say hello, and let's have a conversation about books!